Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warren County YAM

On March 27th Warren County Art Teachers came together at the Independence Township Municipal Building to create a wonderful display of elementary and middle school student art work. The creativity expressed by these teachers and their students was wonderful to behold. From three dimensional works in yarn, watercolors, paintings, and clay creatures to architectural constructions, the various styles of art instilled in many a sense of new possibilities!
Once the show opened, the musicians filed in and the wonderful string ensemble with oboe began, compliments of the Warren County Cultural and Heritage Commission! Beautiful sounds emerged throughout the first floor of food, drinks and art work as parents and children from the different communities began to arrive. Signing the guest book created a backup at the entrance, so many began to slide past the signers to get a seat at the concert! As families drifted past and started toward the lower level, the crowds began to thin until you went downstairs and everyone was admiring the art work! Food went fast, and the two parking lots were jammed with cars parked 100 yards away to the end of the driveway!

It was a wonderful community opportunity!

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DGreh said...

Wow... Warren county's show is amazing! Is this our most northern exhibit? North to south, what creative spirit art generates!