Monday, March 23, 2009

Bergen County YAM

Bergen County's YAM was once again a great success! Hundreds if not thousands of people jam-packed the exhibit area of the IKEA Paramus Restaurant!

Artwork from schools all over Bergen County provided their own free standing exhibit boards for the artwork. It felt like a real gallery, weaving in and out of these amazing pieces of art! Not only were proud families and art teachers in attendance, but there were MANY principals and administrators at the event, sharing in the enjoyment and excitment of the arts! AENJ Fellows, Rick Lasher & Gloria Pappalardo also stopped by.

Children were also treated to a face painting table and a doodle table, where children of all ages used crayons and paint markers, or as I like to call them "dotters." Kudos to Genecie Camacho for another great job this year!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! The picture has my principal's children. He and his family will be so happy!

The pictures are awesome! Thank you so much for coming!
Genecie Camacho