Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cumberland, Gloucester & Salem YAM

Today, Teri Trumpbour and Jude Harzer attended a YAM event in South Jersey at Appel Farms.

It was awesome! They had great attendance! It was beautiful, well organized,and there were many hands on activities (along with great refreshments!)

There were 2 Sandy Skoglund inspired had 1,000 ceramic white mice made by students and the other was cast plaster hands! Great fun!
The YAMs on Parade Activity was one of our Grant Winners and was well worth AENJ's grant money. Students created their own unique "Potato Heads" using YAMS and craft supplies. The children had a great time!

This tri-county YAM exhibit was very impressive and Jude & Teri even had the opportunity to meet Mr. Appel who started the art complex 50 years ago for his creative children in the midst of farm country!


DGreh said...

I have to admit it, I didn't get the Potato Heads activity, but this looks GREAT!
So much fun! Congratulations tp the South!

Anonymous said...

Attending children and their parents were involved in creating YAM potatoe heads, YAM animals and other interesting creatures using Yams and craft materials. Great creative,fun!

Janice said...

This YAM Show was one of our best. The kids had a blast, and it was a wonderful site at the Appel Farms Arts Center. We appreciate their support.
The YAM animals were just a play on words and a chance to have a fun hands on activity that the whole family could enjoy. Marlboro Farm Market donated the best yams. Thanks to a team of dedicated teachers as co-chairs, everyone did a little to make the day enjoyable for everyone.