Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ocean County YAM

The Ocean County YAM celebration was held today at the Jackson Public Library in Jackson, NJ from noon to one. Ninety three pieces of art from over fifteen schools were on display in one of the library's special art galleries. The art can also be seen online at:

Students, teachers and families attended the festivities put together by Ocean County YAM Chairs, Holly Callahan and Karen Blenner. Everyone walked around and admired the artwork and congratulated each other. The Art National Honor Society from Jackson High School was also on hand to volunteer their time painting the children's faces.

A proclamation by Senator Lautenberg was also on display next to AENJ's YAM Sponsor form and a Donation Jug....which already had a few dollars in it!

Color copies of Ocean County's State YAM selections were also on display. These students were honored with personalized YAM 2009 totebags as a special gift.

It was a wonderful YAM afternoon! Great job Ocean County!


lpc said...

Karen and Holly did an outstanding job organizing this wonderful afternoon. It was an honor to see Carrie Davey the State YAM chair there to celebrate art with Ocean County! Displaying students’ artwork provides an opportunity to respond to and think critically about works of art made by students of various ages, from different cultures and places within their state. Congratulations everyone for supporting our students.

artsylady18 said...

We want to thank all the ART teachers in Ocean County for making this afternoon so special for everyone! We are so grateful for everyone who participated and enjoyed the reception. Our students made all of us proud! Thank you so very much to the ART teachers of Ocean for keeping our county so colorful!!!