Saturday, March 28, 2009

Passaic County YAM

The Passaic County YAM was held at the Lewis Bay Library in Hawthorne, NJ. The event was a huge success!
Kathy Benevento was once again our Passaic County YAM Chair along with Karen Stasik Sudol. The mayor of Hawthorne stopped by the YAM festivities along with the Hawthorne Police Chief. Everyone was excited to see these two VIPs at the event.

As students walked in, they were asked to sign in. Many of them took their time writing as if they were creating a piece of art with their signature. The students and their families then enjoyed the artwork and the yummy refreshments.

The YAM families were also treated to live music provided by local Passaic County schools. First an elementary band played some music, then a HS orchestra took over.

Even with all this excitement, students and their families took time to sit, relax, enjoy the music and create some art. Some students doodled on paper, while others colored in t-shirts that could be purchased at the sign in table.
What a wonderful day for art in Passaic County!

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Anonymous said...

It was worth all the hard work!!!! The talent of our students makes me as an art educator very proud, and I am very happy to see that there is an appreciation in Passaic County for the Visual as well as the performing Arts!!! Cudos to everyone who made Youth Art Month in Passaic County a total success