Monday, March 19, 2007


On February 28th, Union County started off our YAM activities at IKEA in Elizabeth. Over 90 pieces of art were displayed in IKEA's front balcony area from 28 schools in the county. Many student artists, their families, and art teachers participated in the event. The families entered the building and proceeded up the escalator to the balcony area. It was so wonderful hearing all the comments and compliments being made about the student artwork.
After viewing the artwork, everyone headed to the IKEA Restaurant for an awards ceremony. Josephine Hernandez, the Union County State Board of Education Representative, attended the festivities and was thrilled to be there. All of the student artists and their teachers came up our catwalk for awards and pictures. IKEA even gave each student artist who attended a free calculator!
Families enjoyed the event and even spent some time eating dinner at the restaurant and shopping in the store. Did I mention that they also loved the refreshments and free drinks provided by IKEA?
It was a wonderful night celebrating youth art and a great way to get YAM festivities rolling!

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Julie Roffe-Barkin said...

Art night at Ikea was wonderful and all of your hard work showed. The evening was lovely and my students were thrilled to be there. I posted photos outside my room door and am receiving much positive feedback. - Julie Roffe-Barkin (Union County teacher)