Monday, March 19, 2007


What a wonderful start to YAM in Hunterdon County. This was the first official YAM exhibit in this county and it could not have started off in a better way!

Artwork was exhibited at the Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington. Easels built by the Boy Scouts and tables were used to display the large variety of student artwork. On display was everything from multicolor prints, creative still life compositions, tessellations, canvas paintings, and much more.

A HUGE KUDOS goes to Ursula Accumanno & Jane Sutley for taking on this big accomplishment of creating the first official YAM exhibit in the county! For a first exhibit, many teachers participated and there was a large gallery of student artwork.

While viewing the show, I had the chance to meet many families and student artists. I met one of Jane Sutley's students who was just extraordinary and really inspired me. He was an 8th grader who attended the show with his sketchbook in hand and a ton of photos that he had taken. The photos were just breathtaking! Meeting this boy showed me even more how important YAM is and how much our art programs in NJ are creating these little artists! Try to go to some of these YAM shows or support local student shows in your county and also be inspired by these kids!

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