Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem YAM Exhibit

In March, I ventured off to the southern part of New Jersey. The CUMBERLAND, GLOUCESTER & SALEM COUNTY YAm show was an amazing event. YAM Chairs Sandra Koberlein and Kathy Gross put together a beautiful show. The facility was filled with art from floor to ceiling . What I found interesting was the wide array of art. In addition to the creative and beautiful hung work there was book art, junk art, group art, collective sculpture installments. Wow! It was all great!
Beyond the exhibit the YAM chairs had set up activities for creative expression. There were opportunities for kids to create paint draw or even participate in an empty bowls event. There were opportunities to make bowls, or glaze bowls. The bowls will be fired and saved for an empty bowl soup day in the future.
This was a wonderful YAM show at a facility that I have never been to. Appel Farms Arts and Music Center in Elmer NJ is a rare gem for the state of New Jersey. I met Mr. Appel and was honored to take a tour of this facility. Through his love of the arts he has created this enclave for children and adults. This facility is beautiful! There are art studios and galleries, kilns, performing arts theaters and so much more. Check out their web site!

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