Sunday, April 1, 2007


The Burlington County YAM was held at the Pemberton Campus of Burlington County College. Artwork was exhibited in a beautiful open space in one of the campus buildings with gorgeous natural light coming in. Each artwork was hung on the wall with a button. This button was a recreation of the artwork and each student was able to take theirs home with them! What a fantastic idea! The kids loved it and were proud of their buttons. Many of them put them on as soon as they got it.
Pat Carper-Brown started the YAM festivities by introducing the art teachers and other important people. The Burlington County Education Association President was there to hand out the certificates and pencils. I was happy to see such an important person there supporting the arts. Sherry Springsteen and Kathleen Cunningham, the Burlington County YAM co-chairs, were also present for the festivities. It was a wonderful day for all!

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